What is Absinthe

Absinthe (more precisely absinthe major) is a plant scientifically called Artemisia Absinthium. It is a rather common shrub in the alpine areas, characterized by a silvery green colour and an extremely bitter taste. In Italy, with the term absinthe, it is also referred to as a drink obtained by distilling officinal herbs including Artemisia Absinthium, anise green, fennel, Melissa, coriander and hyssop. The absinthe experienced an exceptional spread in the 1800s, was called absent, in the Spanish-speaking countries Absinth, in the German-speaking countries absinthe but with different pronunciation in the Anglo-Saxon countries and in fact wormwood in Italy.

Enriched with Jojoba oil, is used for the first time in a shaving cream the extract of Oriental Siegesbeckia, used extensively in Oriental medicine to treat wounds.

Extrò Kit Shaving cream 150ml Aftershave 125ml absinthium artemisia

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