Aleppo soap contains a percentage of cold-pressed laurel oil. The originality is guaranteed by stamp directly on the soap by the Syrian state.
Ancestor of his cousin the soap of Marseille, was formulated by the inhabitants of MESOPOTAMIA. From these origins, The citadel of ALEPPO, located north of present-day Syria, which has become prosperous thanks to the traffic of the caravans of spices and silk between the east and the west, continues to pass on this wonderful tradition.
The sweetness of the olive tree and the gently fragrant strength of the laurel are united under the sun of the Orient to give life to this soap whose virtues are extraordinary.
Because of its rarity and its preciousness, it is reserved for the rich orientals who use it both for the cleaning of the body and hair and for the delicate linen or carpets.
Every year, in November, when Olive oils and laurel are extracted, the same ritual is repeated in the caravanserais of the old souk of Aleppo.
The olive oil (exclusively) is cooked very slowly for several days on slow fire in the pair according to the old procedure of the saponification.
At the end of the cooking, when the pasta is ready, laurel oil is added in order to enrich it and to perfume it. It is the quantity of the latter, which will confer the true value to the soap.
After cooking and cooling comes the time of manual cutting of the pieces of soap. These pieces of fresh soap, are finally put to dry for a very long period of maturation in the open air, which involves a decrease of natural weight due to the evaporation of the water. They will remain in the sun and air of Syria for a period ranging from 10 to 12 months. This procedure causes the Aleppo soap to remain a concentrated oil.

Percentage at 16% Laurel Oil: It produces a very curative effect for eczema, dermal, acne and psoriasis.


La Saponeria Artigiana - sapone di Aleppo - 250gr

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