For a correct use wet the stone with water, massaged with motions on the affected area and dry the stone.

Potassium alum is a colorless and odorless stone, found in nature. Since ancient times it was used for its many properties, both as Hemostatic as fixative for colors in the wool industry and leather, parchment, as well as for the production of glass. This stone is still appreciated as a natural deodorant, antibacterial and hypoallergenic, economic and above all effective.

Human sweat is odorless, but is a good place for the propagation of bacteria, which are responsible for the smell of sweat.

Unfortunately synthetic deodorants on the market are limited to cover the odor or worse yet prevent a natural process such as physiological sweating, with harmful consequences for the organism. Potassium alum, instead, acts on the cause of the odor, or the intense bacterial overgrowth which happens when you sweat. In fact, the saline component of this stone contrasts that acids can form, inhibiting the proliferation of these bacteria, unpleasant odors, leaving however activates the body's sweating.

Also used to give relief from insect bites alum rock is completely natural: does not contain gas, chemicals or alcohol and therefore is also environmentally friendly! Not only, non-greasy, non-sticky and leaves no marks on clothing, even on black ones.


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